Top Tips for High School Senior Planning Senior Portrait Sessions with Photographers

What you should know before you get on the 15-minute discovery to senior planning portraits?

So your getting ready to senior planning your session with me on a phone call with me your senior photographer, and I know your thinking we have to get on the phone and actually talk to each other…. YES! I want to hear your voice, you want to hear mine, we want to start building that trusty ole thing we call a relationship.   Don’t worry I promise it will be painless. 

Senior Planning what your portraits look like?

So before we get on the call, start thinking about  what your session looks like.  Outfits, locations, vibe, style, etc. Have you created a moodboard?  If not check out my previous blog where I walk you step by step on how to create a senior photography moodboard.   TIP: this would be awesome if you shared this board with me so we can review this together. 

So you have a

let’s look at your images, are you drawn to a particular location?  Is it a grassy open field, downtown city streets, parking ramp, wooded trees, this will help us determine a few locations for your session.  We want to ensure you connect with your location. If your not sure check out my facebook page or instagram posts to view what others have done in the past. 

Let’s talk about outfits, go back to your moodboard, what types of outfits did you save, summer tanks and shorts, jeans and tshirts or sweaters and cardigans, this will help us determine what time of year to book your session and the types of outfits your vibing with.  Let’s be honest your not going to wear tank tops and shorts in October, I mean you can but I can’t guarantee your not going to freeze your butt off.  

Types of questions I will ask

Here is a sample of the types of questions I will ask:

  • What types of locations do you connect with, is there anything that comes to mind first?
  • What types of outfits are you thinking? tank tops, shorts, skirts, jeans, sweaters, jackets, etc.
  • Are you incorporating any sports, props or elements like your car, horse, dog or sports gear.
  • Do we need to visit your softball field, and or football field? 

These are the types of questions you can expect during our call, so be prepared, think

about what you want for your session.  The more you give me the more we can tailor the session to you specifically.  

What to Expect

Last but not least we will go over all the details of the packages, what to bring, how you will change on site, how your images will be delivered, and details about the contract, pricing and how to pay.  

That was a lot to cover but I promise I’ll keep it simple and not overwhelm you. If you want to learn more check out my blog on 5 Fashion Mistakes to Steer Clear of, a blog on outfits to avoid and or Why the right outfit choice matters.  Check out the senior portfolio page for more.

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