5 Fashion Mistakes to Steer Clear of for Your Senior Portrait Shoot

When it comes to creating stunning senior fashion portraits in Southwest Wisconsin, outfit choices can make all the difference. You want your senior to stand out, be the center of attention, and capture their unique personality. While we often discuss what colors and styles to embrace, today, let’s talk about what colors to avoid to ensure a successful senior photo session.

  1. Camo Confusion: Camouflage patterns might be great for blending in with the woods, but they’re not the best choice for senior portraits. These patterns can make your senior disappear into the background, and we want them to shine. UNLESS your a hunting loving enthusiast and you want to show off your sport then go all in!
  2. Neon Overload: While bright neon colors can be fun, they can also be harsh on the eyes and take the focus away from your senior. Opt for more subtle, pastel hues or classic colors that enhance their features.
  3. All Black Everything: While a touch of black can add sophistication to an outfit, an all-black ensemble can sometimes make your senior appear as a floating head. Mix in some colors to add depth and contrast.
  4. Clashing Prints: Mixing too many busy and clashing prints can create a chaotic look in your photos. Simplicity is key. Choose solid colors or simple patterns that complement each other.
  5. Muddy Browns: Browns can add warmth and earthiness to your senior’s photos. However, be cautious not to overdo it. Too much brown can make the photos look dull. Mix in brighter tones or accessories to add some vibrancy to the outfit.

Senior Outfit Tips

Remember, the primary goal is to make your senior the star of the show. Keep their personal style and preferences in mind, but gently guide them away from these color choices that might not do justice to their senior portraits.

By avoiding these color pitfalls, you’ll create a senior photo session filled with stunning, memorable moments. Stay tuned for more senior photo outfit inspiration and tips to help you create the perfect senior portraits!

Want to learn more about selecting the right outfit for your senior session, check out this blog “Senior Portraits: Why The Right Outfit Choice Matters” or the SMP Portfolio page.

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