I'm a senior photographer serving Southwest Wisconsin area for over 15 years.  I am living my best life as a senior photographer, photographing over 100+ seniors.  Whether your here to capture your senior story or to take your senior photography business to the next level, I'm here for you! 

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want to stand out in a sea of 
senior photographers and not sure how?

Being the go-to senior photographer doesn’t mean you have to say YES to
every senior or price yourself so cheap it’s irresistible.  

You can build a strong portfolio with your ideal clients all while charging your worth
and not worrying about the competition. Let me show you how!

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Hey, I’m Sarah! I’ve been photographing seniors for 15+ years, after creating the photography business of my dreams, I now help senior photographers do the same.  

When I’m not photographing seniors around southwest Wisconsin,northwest Illinois or central Iowa, I’m helping senior photographers stand out in a sea of senior photographers. 

Building a strong portfolio that stands out, developing a consistent style that attracts the ideal client and mastering post production is what feeds my soul, as is teaching other photographers to do the same.  

Whether you are here to book a session or gain inspiration and tips to stand out in the senior photography industry, I can’t wait to work with you!

Sarah Monson

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Join myself and Kellie Llewellyn (Kellie Rochelle Photography, Williston, North Dakota), two passionate senior photographers and best friends, as we dive into the world of senior photography. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your skills, we've got you covered! Each episode, we'll share our insider tips, tricks, and secrets to help you elevate your photography game.

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Say hello to stress-free social media with Captured Content – a trello board of content ideas, organized and scheduled for an entire year of joy-filled posting!  With Captured Content, you're not just getting a Trello board – you're getting a year's worth of inspiration, tailored specifically for senior photographers like you.



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The experience starts from the moment your clients hit submit on your contact lead form!  Get the entire senior workflow of  plug + play templates.  15 Email Templates from onboarding to gallery delivery.   Easily create and customize with your brand words and voice.  

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Want to learn more about studio lighting, setup and settings?  In this 6 video series you will see exactly what I used to create these stunning studio sessions.  Lighting equipment list, studio setup diagram, model placement, settings, and a final peek at the gallery. 

Iconic Studio
Session Walk-Thru



want glowing reviews like these on your site?

what senior clients are saying about their experience with SMP....

"You do a fantastic job and I’m glad I chose you for my senior pictures. I remember when my older siblings got their photos done and I was excited when it was my turn. You made my experience fun and relaxing. I was worried I was going to feel rushed or overwhelmed but none of that occurred."


"Thank you, Sarah, for being you. You make it so relaxing and fun for the seniors. Your professionalism and love for photography is evident through your photos. We know the pictures will turn out great with you taking them." 


"Yes, you listened and went with the flow of what we were looking for and Haleigh was comfortable the whole time." 


"Having the opportunity to have you bring out the best in Thomas."


Do you have a million questions about
your photography business? 

Want someone to support you along the way? Unsure of how to level-up your business?

As an in-demand senior photographer for 15+ years, I’m ready to share my expertise and knowledge to help you stand out as a senior photographer in your area. This 90-minute zoom session is open to everyone regardless of their level of experience and can be tailored to individual needs. Typical topics can include finding your why, attracting the ideal client, marketing, goal setting, workflow, client experience, camera settings, editing and gallery review.

1:1 Mentorship

Provide a stellar client experience, that gets you referrals and glowing reviews.

Create an efficient workflow for editing and delivery, providing a reputable brand.

Build a strong portfolio that stands out, with a consistent style that attracts ideal clients.

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