Senior Portraits: Why The Right Outfit Choice Matters

One way that I support my senior clients (and their parents) is by guiding outfit selections for their session. This allows you to feel confident and photo-ready for your senior session.

Darlington high school senior sitting in a wild flower field in Wisconsin

Not only am I invested in what your wearing but I also want to ensure your outfits compliment the location. Do the colors of your outfit compliment the scenery? Wearing a bright fluorescent orange t-shirt in downtown Galena is not exactly a compliment to the old stone and bricks of the buildings, if you get what I mean. During this process I am offering suggestions or recommendations on colors or types of clothing that will go well in your desired location ensuring you look your best.

This is why I like to share my cell phone number with you, and encourage you to message me about anything throughout your experience. This year, I had quite a few of my senior clients send messages to share outfit options and ask me to weigh in. I love that they trust me and want my feedback! I will ask you to take a photo of your final outfits 2 weeks prior to your session and message the photos to me so I can ensure the outfits will compliment the location.

A few more tips for you related to outfit selections:

  • I will provide you with a style guide. As a photographer, I know what styles, cuts, colors, or fabrics photograph well (and what choices don’t!), both in general and based on the locations at which I frequently shoot.
  • Moodboards! I have several Pinterest boards where you can find inspiration on the types of outfits to wear for your session. I will send you a link 3-4 months prior to your session.
  • Knowing what time of year your session is booked should help you decide on outfits. If your session is booked in October I would not recommend sleeveless tank tops or shorts for your session as weather is so unpredictable here in the midwest.
  • Local Boutiques! There are several cute boutiques locally that offer great options for clothes so don’t be afraid to ask me. I’d love to send you some recommendations 😉

Why Sarah Monson Photography?

I hope these ideas regarding outfit selections helps when your thinking about your senior session outfits! If you have any questions or find yourself struggling to come up with some outfits, I’m just an email away.

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