3 Things you can do now to start planning your senior session

Juniors it is not too early to start planning for your senior session! Here are a few things you can do to start preparing for it:

Sarah Monson Photography, Benton. Wisconsin, high school senior photographer

1. Start researching photographers and create a list of your favorites.

Every photographer has a unique editing style and vibe and you want to ensure you connect with it. Do you picture yourself in their locations? Do you like their editing style? Can you envision those photos hanging on your wall or pinned on your social feed? Make sure you love your photographers style and connect with them on a personal level.

2. Start thinking about the time of year you want your session to be booked.

One of the first things you will do is book your session and you want to make sure you book it in the time of year that you want. For instance if you looking for a wild flower field your going to want to book that in August when the flowers are in bloom, if you want fall colors than you are going to want to book that in October. Do you like the tall brown grasses, then you will book that in late August. Knowing what you want will help determine when you book.

3. Start a mood board on Pinterest or save photos to your phone in an album.

The very first question your photographer will ask is “how do you envision your senior session.” Photographers are not mind readers, so your going to have to convey what you want your session to look like. This helps us determine your location, the time of year and what style your going for. If you want a session unique to you then you need to start saving those inspiration photos to share with your photographer later, they will thank you for it later. If your looking for inspiration photos look through the blog and start saving some of your favorite photos to an album on your phone.

What are you waiting for.. start your list, create the mood board and think about what time of year you want your session. If your not sure what you want, head over to my website, checkout the blogs, surely you will find some kind of inspiration.

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