Senior Hair and Makeup Tips for Portrait Sessions: What to Do and What Not to Do

Senior hair & makeup do’s and don’t

Seniors hair style and makeup. Senior girls I know your excited to have your photos professionally taken, you have literally been dreaming & practicing for this this day since you were 9.  You want to have the perfect outfits, shoes, accessories, hair and make up. Let’s chat a quick minute about what you should and should not do with your hair and makeup.  

Hair & Make-up Tips

  • Style your senior hair like you normally would if you were getting dressed up to go out with friends or to a special event. 
  • DO NOT have your hair done up in an up do unless you do this normally.  You want to look authentic and the true you. 
  • Leaving your hair down, looks more appealing than having it up in a pony tail.  Just my opinion here but having your hair down, straigtened or curled either or looks more appealing.  
  • Plan on having your hair cut at least a week if not 2 before your session.  This will allow your hair time to grow out and not look like it was just cut.  (Boys especially)
  • If you want to spray tan, please allow enough time after your tan for it to fade and not look so orange.  It is true if you spray tan your skin will look more orange than normal, creating a ton of editing and skin tone matching in post production.  
  • Make-up I recommend a natural, everyday look when it comes to make-up. This doesn’t mean skip the makeup all together, rather keep your eye shadows natural, not over done, lip gloss natural, eye liners and eye lashes as natural as possible.  You want to look authentic and true to yourself.  
  • Nails, I will just mention to ensure you nail polish compliments your outfits or just plain natural works too. If wearing press on nails make sure you bring extra glue along just incase one falls off and we don’t have to hide your hands.  
Benton high school senior posing in a wheat field

I hope you found these recommendations simple, and easy to relate to.  In short keep everything as simple and natural as possible.  We want the true authentic you to show up for your session.  

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