What Kind of Shoes to Wear to Your Session

In senior pictures, the outfit matters head to toe. In this post let’s talk about finding the perfect shoe/shoes for your session. 

high school senior girl posing along side the shorelines of the mississippi river

Some of the most common shoes I see are sandals, cowgirl/cowboy boots, lifestyle sneakers, short heels, platform shoes, and comfortable dress shoes. As always wear what makes you feel most confident, and changing shoes with outfits is also encouraged. The most important thing is that footwear is not forgotten when choosing outfits and that you have it planned prior to the session, however, there are three big ideas I want you to consider when choosing what shoes to wear:

  1. Does this compliment my outfit?
  1. Will I feel stable wearing them in rocky terrain?
  1. Do I feel comfortable and able to move in these shoes?
high school senior girl sitting on a blue structure in a black dress with her leg showing and leopard print high heels

Shoes are a huge factor in determining the look of your outfit, a dirty shoe can make the classiest outfit look grungy and old. This is why I recommend having clean shoes with minimal wear and tear. Wear your favorite cowboy boots, but wash the mud and hay off before arriving at the session. It is also important to make sure the shoe looks good with the outfit. Athletic sneakers can look amazing with a more casual outfit, but if you are wearing a business formal outfit sneakers can appear out of place and distract from the most important part of the picture; you!

Next, consider the location of your photos. If you are taking pictures in a state park, or pastures heels might not be the best choice. Make sure your shoes provide you with stability when walking around. Branching off from the last point, you want to feel comfortable wearing your shoes and allow movement in them. Some poses I commonly ask my seniors to do require a lot of movement, and if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes that limit your movement, you will also limit the pictures we can capture. A good rule of thumb is knowing that you can easily jog in the shoe or jump up and down safely.

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