Is October the Perfect Month for Your Senior Session?

What does an October Session Look Like


When the weather starts cooling off, I start heating up senior sessions with the blazing autumn scenery and warmer outfits. October is a great month for any senior looking to capture incredible autumn pictures.


With temps falling around the upper 40s-50s and bugs winding down for winter, this can be a great time to take incredible pictures. You don’t have to worry about sweating in your outfits, but you may have to consider a potential rain shower. Be prepared for potentially damp landscapes and a possible rescheduling. It’s a great idea to bring hand warmers or an extra blanket if you get cold easily. 


October can be a great time to capture those stunning autumn colors, especially in rural Wisconsin. The foliage has warm tones in reds, oranges, and browns that can create a stunning backdrop that makes every senior pop out. This is also a great time to capture some pictures in brownfields and roadsides. October is the perfect month to take your senior pictures if you want to create cozy coffee shop vibes and lean into the comforting warmth of sweater weather. The quiet peace of autumn can make for an incredibly soothing environment and enjoyable session.

Unfortunately by October, nearly all the vibrant flowers have disappeared, but consider an earlier month if you want to sprawl out in meadows of flowers.

What to Wear

October is the perfect month for a cute sweater or those corduroy pants you’ve been waiting to wear! Neutral-toned clothing looks especially beautiful in this landscape. There are also endless combinations of shackets and jeans that look great on every senior. Due to the chilly weather seniors should be prepared to layer and this is a great time for your coziest outfits. With that said don’t be afraid to wear your favorite dress to capture that perfect photo, add a jacket, or your favorite hat to stay warm.

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