Uncover the added value of Sarah Monson Photography for your senior portraits

Added Value: The Senior Portrait Experience

The SMP senior portrait experience  is more than just a photo needed for the yearbook, or images to share on social.  It’s about creating a once in a lifetime experience where you get to design your dream photo shoot.  Let’s be honest you were born for this moment, you have been taking selfies on cell phones since you were 3 years old.  You love posting the most gorgeous, happiest candid photos of you loving and living life to it’s fullest, and your  personality is shining from every aspect of your being – this is YOU.  

Planning your dream shoot involves styling your outfits, finding the perfect location that connects with your vibe and incorporating all the things that are important to your being. You will have a say in what you want your session to look like,  it will be my job to ensure it comes to life.   In order for me to ensure this dream becomes a reality I will ask you questions to help me bring out your personality, conversation starters or things to incorporate into your session. The more you give me the more I can make your session unique to you.  We will bring every aspect of you into your session, from the way you flip your hair,  to the way you smirk, trust me you’re going to shine.   

After we capture your bright shining personality, your parents are going to want to order prints to display in your home.  This is why my value added senior package is curated to provide you with an all inclusive package to include copyright released images in both full color and black & white and inside the gallery you can purchase products to ensure you walk away with actual print  products whether it’s  standard, framed, fine art prints or a luxury photo album.  You’re going to leave with more than just digital images.  You’re walking away with incredible images from your dream session, an unforgettable portrait experience, and products that you can display that will last for generations. 

Your senior portraits are more than images, it’s an experience of a lifetime, that you get to create and I am honored to capture for the entire world to see. 

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