Photographers: 6 Reason why you need a client experience

For photographers, delivering a high quality experience to your clients is essential for success. From the initial contact to the delivery of the final products, it’s important to exceed expectations and make sure clients have an unforgettable customer experience. Here are 6 reasons why delivering a memorable client experience is key for photographers.

Gain Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty ensures your calendar each year is booked, who wouldn’t want to sell out of sessions just 3 months into your new season!

Word of Mouth or Client Referrals

Let’s face it, word of mouth is way cheaper than advertising. People love to rave about an awesome experience as well as their amazing photos.


Once you gain loyal customers, who refer other clients, your schedule books quicker and your in demand by everyone, now it’s time to raise your prices. Your offering more than just portraits it’s the experience.

Deliver on Your Promises Every Time

Communicating with the customer needs to be authentic and real. If you promise them 2 week delivery then make sure you deliver in that 2 week time frame. You need to over deliver in your promises and provide value added material


Every customer gets the same experience whether it’s a senior, family or wedding.

Happy Customers

When your customers are happy you will be living your best life!

Big Mistakes Photographers Make

Being a photographer is hard, juggling everything from editing, social media, marketing, bookkeeping, creative, blogger, etc. it’s a lot to take one, not following through on promises to your clients is the biggest mistake photographers make.

Here is a list of other mistakes:

  • Not being honest upfront
  • Not communicating
  • Not clearly stating expectations
  • Booking a session and forgetting about the client until the day before
  • Not providing value added tips or recommendations to create a flawless easy flowing session.
  • Not putting yourself in your clients shoes

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